What is the Music Curriculum?

At St. Michael’s we follow the National Curriculum of England to teach Music. Each class has one 45 minute lesson per week with a specialist Music teacher.

The Music Curriculum aims to provide all students with the opportunity to;

  • Experience music from a range of historical periods and genres
  • Appreciate music from countries all over the world
  • Sing individually and as part of a group
  • Learn how to play and perform on a range of instruments 
  • Understand and explore how music is created and communicated
  • Create their own compositions
  • Read and write traditional and modern forms of musical notation
  • Experiment with technology and develop an understanding of the relationship between patterns, coding and sound creation.

Music lessons at St. Michael’s are full of learning experiences which focus on, and enhance students’ creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Extra opportunities such as choir, string ensemble and ukulele group are provided for children who display a strong interest in music. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended the singing element of our curriculum and also the use of wind instruments.