Governance Aims

The St. Michael’s International School Board of Trustees and Council aim to ensure policies exist to maintain quality educational standards and that the school maintains the family-friendly atmosphere that was established by our founders.

Governance at St. Michael’s prioritizes:

• Financial stability
• Branding and image of the school
• Enrollment continuity
• Strategic maintenance of facilities
• Quality staffing
• Community links

The Board and Council are guided in their mission by:

  1. The Acts of Endowment
  2. The St Michael’s International School By-Laws
  3. International school accreditation standards

All of the trustees and Council members are volunteers and receive no compensation.  Motivated by their passion and enthusiasm for St. Michael’s,  their role is to ensure that the school is fiscally sound and they oversee activities such as the long term strategic planning processes as well as renovation and building projects.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provide strategic direction for the School and is responsible for protecting the future well-being of St. Michael’s International School. The Board of Trustees meet at least three times a year.

Board of Trustees

Council Members

The Council acts as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees. Council meetings are usually held in October, December, February, April and June.

Council Members


As a not-for-profit organization,  all income is retained within school for the purposes of education. The School aims to maintain stable and secure finances, with sufficient reserves to withstand emergencies and economic uncertainties, so that parents can have confidence in the continuance of their children’s education, even in the event of adverse situations.

Creating a sustainable future