Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Each academic year, pupils from Year Four to Six are selected through an election process to support the school’s Head Boy and Head Girl on the Student Leadership Council (SLC). These children will be charged with supporting their peers in a variety of ways:

• Act as a forum for the expression of student opinion representing the whole student body.
• Communicate student opinion to the school Administration for the benefit of the School.

  •  Develop the school’s understanding of the rights that all children are promised by UNICEF through assemblies and fund-raising activities.
    • Act as school representatives during partnerships with other schools in our host country and others around the world.
    • To work towards a co-operative and harmonious school environment by modeling our school values:



Respect – Treat others how you wish to be treated
Compassion – Show care and kindness towards others
Integrity – Make sure your words and actions are the same
Tolerance – Celebrate that everybody is different in looks, ideas and behaviour
Honesty – Always tell the truth

Endeavour – Always do your best
Responsibility – Act in a way that keeps others happy and safe.

These values are taught to the whole school through the Religious Education program and act as starting point for every whole-school assembly. These values reflect a commitment to a just, multicultural and environmentally sustainable society. The aim is to develop the skills and dispositions of students so they can enact particular values as individuals and as members of the wider community.