Council Members

Council Members

Members of the Board plus:

  • Chair of the Council Anita Aden

    Anita has been acquainted with St. Michael’s since her arrival in Japan in 2009. She is an English professor at Mukogawa Women’s University and their branch campus in Spokane, Washington. Anita has 19 years experience of teaching English in the U.S., Canada, South Korea and Japan.

  • Mr. Satoru Hamada. English instructor

    Satoru has the longest connection to SMIS, having entered as a student in 1949, soon after the School was founded, and graduated in 1958. He was appointed by Miss Lea to serve on the Council when it was established in 1970 and joined the Board on its establishment in 2008. He is a founding member of The Breeze alumni publication (1969).  Satoru served as Chair of the Board for nine years and now serves on the Council as President of the SMA (alumni)  Satoru previously worked as an international trader, college instructor, and STEP One interviewer.

  • Mr. Raj Shah. Director at Pearl International Co. Ltd.

    Raj joined the Council in 2011 and serves on the Finance Committee. Raj is an SMIS alumni having graduated from St Michael’s in 1986.  Maintaining the family tradition, both of Raj’s sons attended St. Michael’s International School.

  • Masako Okada.

    Masako  joined the council in 2016 after her daughter graduated from St. Michael’s International School.  Masako has maintained a good association with the Parents of St Michael’s (POSMs) and serves on the SMA Committee (alumni.)

  • Thomas Carter


Ex officio:

  • Mr. Jonathan Bunch. English Language Section Coordinator

    Jonathan represents the English Language Section on the Council. Originally from the USA, Jonathan received his J.D. and CDR from Willamette University College of Law, and was a practicing business lawyer for over five years.  Jonathan has lived and worked in Japan for over fourteen years and before joining St. Michael’s he worked for a shipping company in Ehime as an English teacher and contract manager. Jonathan also holds a TESL and Teaching Business English Certificate.

  • Mr. John Aspinall. Deputy Head at SMIS

    John has taught at St. Michael’s since 2010 and joined the School Council on appointment as Deputy Head in August 2019.  John serves on the Education and Governance Committee and acts as secretary during the meeting of the Board of Trustees.
  • Steven Lewington - UK - Year Four Class Teacher

    Steven joined the Council in August 2014 as the nominated staff representative. He serves as the official Minute Taker for the Council.

  • Auditor to the Board and Council: Mr. Jun Yamaguchi. Certified Public Accountant

    Jun was appointed as the Board Auditor in September 2012. An SMIS alumni himself, Jun graduated in 1983.  His daughter is also an SMIS graduate from 2016. Jun is the Chair of the Finance and Marketing Committee.

  • Auditor to the Board and Council: Kiichiro Goto. CEO of GKOT Inc

    Kiichiro was appointed as Board Auditor in September 2017.  He serves on the Finance and Marketing Committee.